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After the rain...

I love the fresh reminders of a sunrise – new mercies every morning, one reward for rising early to be with my Papi and begin the day with Him before facing the challenges of the day. This morning, I am rejoicing in the accomplishments of the weekend.

As I went outside to take this picture, I enjoyed the beauty of my flower garden, all newly planted, transplanted, and filled with new life. Then I came back in, sat down with my cup of tea, and enjoyed the music of my wind chimes singing outside my dining room window. The music reminds me how blessed I am, as they are the gifts of my children – birthdays, just because days, and just hung out this weekend by son Matthew. I missed their music over the winter.

Today, this Monday after Easter, I am surrounded by the reminders of Resurrection. Jesus is calling out for us to join Him in His new life – life that brings witness and glory to His Father and seals His plan for this broken, wayward world. Resurrection. Hope. Joy!

I hope you are finding and recognizing the reminders of Resurrection in your life today…