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I am not opposed to blue skies, but the real beauty above is found in clouds.

Clouds fascinate me. This is especially true when the clouds ride across the horizon and then choose to linger through the waning daylight.

Clear blue skies offer unobstructed sunlight and are a welcome sight after weeks and weeks of gray and rain, but it doesn’t take long for me to be grateful for the return of the clouds.

Here in the northwest corner of the U.S., we have amazing cloud formations and even after 14 years, they still captivate me. Cloudless sunrises have their beauty, but when there are clouds low on the horizon over the mountains and the sun begins to shake her head and stretch and start her ascent – oh my goodness! The colors shout with joy and command my attention and stir up praise in my heart. I hear them clearly with their, “Good morning, Lauree! It is time to rise and move and join us our dance. Sing praises with the rhythm of orange and the harmony of magenta. Let your voice raise your gratefulness and hope to the Creator of the heavens and the earth!”

And when the clouds traverse the sky during the day and gather for their tribunal, determining where and when they should grace the earth with their bounty, the forms and shapes can rise in majesty or float in peace or scamper in joy. Their playfulness reminds me of God’s Presence in every moment and every circumstance, and yes, even in every heartbreak.

And then evening draws near and the real show begins. As the sun ambles westward, the clouds once again begin their evensong of grace and beauty and call me to remember… remember to count my blessings, to recount the myriad ways God demonstrated His faithfulness throughout the day, and to bring my day to a close with this mindset of gratitude.

And so it is today – I come before my Papi, choosing to remember, longing to hear His words of affirmation, “Well done, Lauree. You have not only made it through another day, you have brought me great joy this day. I love you and I invite you to rejoice in My rest. Let’s talk and remember and prepare for the new day.”

And so I must go, I love this time of sharing with you, my friends, but it is now my time to enter His rest and be refreshed and renewed for the next step of my journey.

Till next time…