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Love revealed - a Mothers' Day present.

in my growing, with my family,
my self has heard…
daughter, sister, cousin, niece,
my heart has heard…
this is who we are,
will you follow me?

in my walking, with my neighbors,
my soul has heard…
friend, companion, stranger, you,
my heart has heard…
this life is often difficult, lonely,
can you see me?

in my serving, through the years,
my ears have heard…
mum,ma, mommy, mother, honey,
my heart has heard…
i love you, i need you,
do you love me?

in my living, with my God,
my spirit has heard…
beloved, precious one, friend,
my heart has heard…
this is who you are,
come and trust Me!

i follow as i grow,
i carry on this great tradition
i see as i walk,
i understand the longing for signs of care
i love as i serve,
i hold my loved one’s searching
i trust as i live,
i am present with my Savior

and as i go on my way,
i am touched by them all
blessed beyond counting
my heart is enlarged
to welcome and rejoice
to celebrate the invitation

i see the face of God