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I’m staying with a precious friend in Seattle this week and helping out at a conference at MHGS for a few days – on top of my normal classes. When I volunteered I was sure I would be back to 100% after my surgery. Silly me. Any way, by the time I got back to Margo’s last night, I was done in. After dinner Margo asked if I felt up to a walk in a nearby park she had discovered earlier in the day.

Pause for a short background interruption. We have experienced one of the longest winter/cold/wet/gray/where.is.spring/cold stretches on record here in the great Northwest. We are hoping to hit 70 for the first time in 2011 tomorrow. I’m pretty sure this will set a new record for the latest date in the year it has reached 70 degrees. We have had the occasional off day of sun, but no extended breaks – until now. We have had sun since Monday. The mountain is even out. And it is in the mid-sixties. Perfect weather! Hallelujah!

The water fountain.

Back to the story now. As tired as I was – the answer was a resounding YES! And off to the park we went (after picking up a copy of The King’s Speech for when we got back home). This tiny little park, maybe half an acre big, was just what we needed. It bordered a creek, a babbling brook, that sang to us the whole time we were there. Woods and rhododendron and ferns lined that border. The path around the park was only a quarter mile, but it wound through a veggie patch, a small flower garden that featured a mother/baby otter sculpture, a beautiful manicured grass field, and an intriguing hammered steel water fountain – drinking water fountain – that was clearly created with the neighboring pets in mind. (We met a few of them. Below is a picture of Pepper, a Black Russian Terrier, who entertained us with her little “sister” as they ran and chased their squeaky balls and a frisbee all over that field, and demonstrated how the water fountain worked. Their people were as beautiful and inviting as they were!

My new friend, Pepper.

We had a great conversation as the “girls” played.)

And on the opposite side from the creek, a beautiful church. One that called forth deep within my soul, memories and longings and hopes and promises of respite. There was just something about the combination of wood and stone and the shape of the windows and it’s synergy of place that brought healing to soul, a refreshing balm of peace and promise.

When we left that little park I was completely refreshed. What a gift of grace and love sent from my Father – a little heaven right here on earth, right when I needed it so desperately!