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Sometimes, this is how I feel – caught up in the tangled branches of life, tied down and unable to fly.

Sometimes that feeling is a physical one – the consequences of illness, injuries, age, or chronic pain.

Sometimes it is emotional – from heartbreak or disappointment, anger or sorrow.

Sometimes it is mental – the cloudiness of fatigue, the overwhelming nature of being in grad school or trying to figure out a way to pay the bills or respond to difficulties, just plain old brain fatigue.

And sometimes it is spiritual – the exhaustion of being in the battle in spiritual warfare and facing the enemy on a continuous basis and battling with a fallen nature that doubts the complete and never-failing truth of God’s Word and His promises to each of us.

But, best of all, sometimes… there is nothing that binds, nothing that hinders, and nothing that stands between the Lord and me, nothing blocking my vision or my hearing or any other sense from being in intimate relationship with Him.

That’s when all of life sings and I dance and rejoice in His faithful goodness!