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And on the way home, we followed a standing family tradition – Krispy Kreme. We actually haven’t done it recently. The two in the back were sleeping, I was driving that portion, and Juliana and I decided a good ole donut just plain sounded scrumptious, so I made an executive decision. You know, sometimes you just need to go with the moment and we all enjoyed the treat and my boys were thrilled when we got home with Krispy Kreme.

Simple pleasures sometimes bring the sweetest memories.

And the day finished with a much more pleasant note than it started. And for that, I am so very grateful.

Encouragement has come from simplicity. The day started with rain and grayness, but then the sun came out and blessed us with beautiful cloud formations. I walked around outside this evening to music of soft chimes in the gentle breeze. The clematis are blooming in a spectacular show this year. The display of new life, renewed life, transplanted life, and rejoicing life is abundant. My kids are a blessing to my heart. My friends lift me up and cheer me on. And old friendships are coming around again, bringing with them wonderful memories of God’s faithfulness IN my broken humanity.

God is bringing me to a place of refreshing and renewal – in my  faith and in the challenge of life’s adventure as I seek to know His heart and to live in response to His revelation. Yes, I come to this place with my fair share of baggage and then some. But He is providing the means to be able to bring it to Him for His redemption and my equipping. It brings me to a place of excitement to see what He will do next and how He will provide for all my needs and still continue to refine my life for His purposes and His righteousness.

I don’t know what, but I for sure know WHO!

And I am grateful for the simple reminders that is not, was not ever, and never will be about me! But is all about how God uniquely displays His glory through me – and through each of you.

Do you know that YOU are God’s treasured image bearer? It’s true. Check it out – just ask Him to show you and speak to you!