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His light is always there to lead us!

In one of the devotions I was reading this morning, the author said: “It isn’t simply that God would like for us to trust him in difficult times – he demands it.”

I take exception to the notion that God demands our trust in Him. I just don’t see it in His nature nor do I see that attitude displayed anywhere in Scripture. Love does not make demands. In fact, the more I think about it, the more ludicrous I find the notion that anyone who knows God could think that He places demands on us.

I would posit to you, that if you are feeling a demand placed on you about anything, it is far more likely that you should be addressing the subtle twisting of truth of the enemy and the presence of one of his demonic followers. Satan is the one who demands, who brings bondage and guilt and fear. Following his path and his example leads one further and further away from the Presence of the Father and deeper and deeper into the prison of distortion, deception and delusion.

God invites. He invites us into His Presence. He invites us into truth. He invites us to walk in the light. He invites us to partake of His nature and therefore to display His character in this world. He invites us to be so intimately familiar with Himself, that we cannot even imagine not hearing His voice, not believing His Word, and not trusting in His faithfulness.

It isn’t simply that God would like for us to trust him in difficult times – we simply cannot walk in His provision or see His deliverance without it because we cannot produce His nature out of our own will or desire. We would freeze in the face of giants, we would never dare to do the impossible or scale the heights or circle a city and shout the walls down as we sound the trumpets hailing Him as King, confident of His sure deliverance.  

We can only walk in the victory of His deliverance when we trust Him to be faithful and true. And that comes by knowing Him and spending time in His Presence. When we hear Him speak to us directly, we are struck with His holiness and beauty and glory and the perfection of His love for us, and all fear is cast out, all doubt is vanquished, and any thought of the possibility of the failure of God to overcome is obliterated. He is the overcoming conqueror – not through violence, but through His loving compassionate truth!
Will you trust Him in this moment, against the giants and overwhelming battles you are facing?
He is worthy!