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Mt. Baker in all her glory! I have missed this site, as the cloud monsters have been eating the mountain far too long.

There was a time I would have thought that was a crazy thing to say. But having lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 14 years now, that is one of the sweetest combinations of words to my ears. Especially this year. This has certainly been the longest, wettest winter (yes, I do mean winter, which has lasted about 7 months this year).

AND, my wisteria is blooming! And beautiful and fragrant.

So, tomorrow we will barbecue (that’s northwest for having a cook-out … for my wonderful family and friends back home).

I hope you, too, have some markers in life that remind you of the joy of life, even in dark times.

Wisteria! I am so looking forward to sitting under the arbor and soaking in the fragrance. Tomorrow!

The mountain is out. My wisteria is blooming. And life is beginning to look up again!

Thanks to the help and hard work of my kids, this year brings me great joy in being outside in my yard. And the next two days will be in the 70’s with sunshine.

I can feel the healing balm already. It is coming!