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I think the sun and fresh air are helping. I got quite a bit accomplished today and actually enjoyed it. Thank You, Lord! I was beginning to wonder if I was completely losing it.

I read all the assignments for my Old Testament class outside under the arbor this morning to warm sun, a gentle breeze that serenaded me with the beautiful music of my chimes, and whenever the breeze stopped, the fragrance of the wisteria wafted down and filled me with joy and a sense of anticipation and lovely memories.

I got some needed laundry done – the dogs’ blankets. Not my favorite chore. Dog hair everywhere.
Did some vacuuming, put away winter clothes and organized the summer stuff. When my boys got home from school, I went to the grocery store for necessities – including the wasp/hornet spray that is already past due around here. There are nests all in the eaves. YUCK! When David came home from work, I got to have Mom and David time at our favorite local market, The Green Barn. And we came home with the fixings for Pico de Gallo – which David made to go with the fresh tortilla chips I bought at the grocery store. YUM!

I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner in two rounds, so everyone had a fresh meal – despite our crazy schedules. Got some more reading done for my other class.

And to top it off and make my day complete – I got one-to-one sister time with Lila! I have so missed our processing time as our schedules just have not allowed us the time.

Yep, pretty much a glorious day. Productive, but not stressful. Time for my soul to rest and get ready for the busyness and pressures of the next two days. And then, there are only two weeks left in this term and summer break. I must admit, I am so ready for it.

My head, my heart, and my spirit all need to process what has already been taken in this year. Good stuff, but hard stuff, and it all needs to find its place to land and take root and produce its good fruit.

But before then, more reading and two major papers and lots of hours. Here’s to a strong finish and the stamina to not grow weary in doing well!

Please, Lord, keep the sun and the gentle breeze and a clear mind coming!