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… between school and my car, I have the opportunity to stop (or at least slow down), enjoy the space to change gears and offer praise and thanksgiving, before I get in the car and start the long drive north. This time between is generally called transitioning. And I feel so very fortunate to have been provided with such a beautiful space in the middle of the city.

The Belltown P-Patch

Don’t you think my walk-through transition is beautiful?

Today, during one of our breaks, I walked up Elliott Avenue a couple of blocks and just stood and listened and then I looked around and took in the city where I am being pushed and pulled and challenged and stretched and given the privilege of change and transformation.

And truly it is a privilege. I am so very grateful for this blessing, although at times I just want to pack my things and walk away and leave. Sometimes the challenge seems to just be too much.

But, I know better. For this is surely the place where God has called me for this time and the growth He is producing in my life.

And so, I say Thank You, Lord!

I am blessed! Here’s more proof ~ taken Wednesday as I walked to my car after class.

Exquisite! The audacity of God’s grace! Yes!