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It’s funny the things life throws at us from time to time. Sometimes I think I’m just getting a glimpse into what the Bible means when it says that Mary stored things up in her heart. There are times when any other response just wouldn’t do at all.

Out of the blue in recent days, God has been opening the way for me to reconnect with folks from my year at Capernwray Bible School – I was there in 1977 and 1978! The first time, that is.

I hardly know what to make of it. But it is definitely doing my heart good.

Time will tell and when I am through holding it and lifting it up to heaven to see what it’s all about, I hope I can share the meaning it brings. But for now, I must leave it for a bit and let my heart ponder awhile.

I wonder if there are others of you who are experiencing similar things and what you are doing with it.