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Mount Baker reflecting the sunset over Drayton Harbor…

My favorite mountain.

Yes, I am spoiled with beauty surrounding me on all sides.

I love this place and the many blessings I have known here for the past nearly 15 years. I have within a very short distance… mountains, open water, valleys, streams and rivers, farmland, parks, wildlife, gardens, islands, grandeur. Lots and lots of grandeur.

I am blessed in so very many ways. And I am thankful that even though God brought me so far from my birthplace and scads of people whom I love dearly, He has given me friends, chosen family and forever family, right here where He knew I would thrive and rejoice in His goodness!

He has a plan and I’m sticking with His plan – even when I can’t see my way and I don’t understand what’s going on. I know God’s character and I choose to walk in faith. Lead on, Lord Jesus!