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Another postaday topic that fits. What I have lost – and do not want to ever come back again – is an idealized view of life, particularly in the lives of the people recorded in the Bible. I was reminded of this view in one of the online devotions I received yesterday.

I invite you to consider this…

So often we hear broad, sweeping declarations of how the people of old seemingly lived their lives in perfection – whether that was in obedience, hearing God, genocide, sacrificing everything, whatever! People have been human since Adam and Eve. I believe that is the clear message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – the revelation of our need for a Savior and the revelation of the Savior’s love and commitment to meet us IN our humanity – not in our perfection or in our cleaned up state of being.

I think one of the enemy’s most devastating tactics is to lure us into thinking that “they” got it right, did it right, and made it right, but we (I) am not worthy of God’s love or His work in and through us (me) because we (I) just don’t measure up.

I don’t always clearly hear the voice of God. There are times I doubt His love for me. There are times I waver in my commitment to His way and His plan. There are times I simply want what I want. I don’t pray enough. I don’t pray hard enough. I don’t work hard enough. I am tired. I want life handed to me on a silver platter. I want the fleece to be wet and the ground to be dry. I want the ground to be wet and the fleece to be dry. I don’t want to choose, I don’t want to move for fear of making the wrong choice, I am afraid and paralyzed.

And then there are times when I do clearly hear the voice of God. I am amazed at what He is willing to reveal to me. I am humbled beyond description at the vision He gives. The revelation of truth astounds me. The response He calls forth compels me to obey and follow Him. I am thrilled to see the impact my obedience has on others. I am encouraged to see God move in others’ lives and in situations as a result of my prayers and intercession on their behalf. I feel like I can conquer the world and the power of the enemy. In those moments, I am certain nothing could ever separate me from God’s love and movement in the world around me.

All are valid experiences and emotions and together make up what it means to be human. We are made in the image of God, our Heavenly Father, and He desires to fill us with His glory and display His nature in everything we do and say and think. We also carry the marred image of the father of lies, and each and every one of us carries within us the potential for great harm and great evil and great sorrow. We have within us the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Then enters the truth of the death, burial, and resurrection of the only begotten Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been offered the gift of redemption – the grace we so desperately need to live in intimate relationship with God and overcome the power of the evil one.



They both require receiving in order to fully enjoy the benefits that are bestowed upon us. We need to relearn how to walk, how to talk, how to think, how to be intentional, how to be in love with our God. Relearning how to live life to its fullest is a journey. A dynamic learning journey!

Here’s to life as God intends it to be!!!