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The roses are blooming...

The end of my third term and the end of my first year in my grad program. Wow, what a day!

I hadn’t walked through the P-Patch for a week. I hadn’t witnessed the opening of the buds. I didn’t know what was waiting for me until I arrived at this point.

I could have missed it. I could have been so deep within my own thoughts that I didn’t even notice.

That even when I wasn’t watching. Even when I wasn’t present. Even though I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

The roses were opening and revealing and inviting everyone who would pass their way to notice. Inviting us to slow down. Inviting us to enter the blessing and receive.

even when I was not there.

To receive of the refreshing of the Spirit.

To receive of the fullness of God’s grace.

To receive of the promise of new life, of the witness to the beauty of resurrection.

Though only a short time ago, this very rose looked dead, looked hopeless, looked not like fulness of life could possibly exist within, it proved me wrong and displayed the true cycle of life – rest and dormancy is followed by growth and vibrant life!

Even when…

Where do your even whens lie? What are you looking at right now that you are certain is dead and without even the slightest hope of resurrection?

A relationship perhaps? Or provision? Of living up to your own expectations or the expectations you believe others have put on you? Or the hope of ever really being alive and joyful again?

I know. I have my own even whens. Yes, it is difficult. And there is sorrow and grieving.

But keep the eyes of your heart open and perhaps tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, someday, life will be renewed. And with it, hope and beauty and love.