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Momma and baby ducks!

I don’t like it, I tell you!

Today, I went to Point Roberts with my daughter. She had an interview for a job possibility and wanted me to ride with her.

(For those of you who are not familiar with the Pacific Northwest, Point Roberts is a tiny tract of the United States surrounded on three sides by water and Canada to the north. To get there, you have to go through border crossings twice – each way. A year-round population of about 1200 swells to about 5000 during the summer and Canadian holidays. Gas is sold by the litre. Oh, but it is beautiful!!!)

Anyway, Bri had never driven up there and hasn’t been there since she was quite little, so I went along. We headed up early just in the case either border crossing was really busy. Neither was. So we had quite a long time to drive around and explore. As we were driving along, we saw this momma duck and her ducklings head out of the bushes and start to cross the road to head over to the water. Bri got this picture with my phone, and was trying to figure out how my zoom worked, when this huge hawk swooped out of nowhere (I’m sure it had a stealth shield up) grab one of the little ducklings (which was crying with fear and terror in its tiny, little duck quack voice) and take off again. With me yelling bad hawk, bad hawk, bad hawk from the passenger seat. The hawk knocked one of the little babies on its back, and he was left out on the road by himself. When he got himself uprighted, he was confused and pitiful. I told Bri we had to shoo him in the direction of his mom, but he figured it out before we could get out.

Yummy, delicious, comfort food! David is redeemed!

Now, I’m traumatized. Bri just laughed. Then, when we got home she had to tell the boys, who also laughed.

I need comfort food!

David obliged. Fresh, hot bread! Whole wheat, multi-grain and seeds. YUMMY! I added butter and apricot jam.

What a day!