My first view of the morning.

I moved to Lynden from Atlanta.

Lynden’s latitude: 48° 56′ 47″

Atlanta’s latitude: 33° 40′ 3″

I grew up with the sun rising and setting in just about the same places year round.

That doesn’t happen here.

In the winter, the sun moves from the south-east to south-west pretty much across the southern horizon. But, in the summer – not so. It moves from the north-east in an arc that takes it close to the southern horizon and back up to set in the north-west. Crazy, but true!

This picture shows the sun shining in through my bedroom window – which faces east – shining on the south wall of the dormer. This is what I see when I wake up and look at the mirror on the north wall. I love the lines and the shadows.

If the weather forecast is correct, it will be view again tomorrow morning. I am so very blessed and thankful for the comfort of my home and the beauty that surrounds me!