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Mt. Rainier – east of Seattle – is known for regularly creating its own weather system. When it is “out” it is often seen with crazy cloud formations, most frequently looking like flying saucers, halos, or China men’s hats over the peak.

Mt. Baker in all her glory!

Not so with Mt. Baker – east of us. But today was an exception. This picture was taken with my phone camera – so not the best detail – but I think you can see the small halo cloud at the peak.

Levi took this picture for me as we were on our way home from Point Roberts. My baby girl is in her own place, with her three kitties and all her stuff, enjoying her new job at Brewsters. If you ever visit Point Roberts, stop in and tell Brianna her mom sent you in! That should be good for at least a roll of the eyes and a crazy comment in return.

Maybe a larger file will help.