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One of the beaches on Point Roberts.

Crazy title? Maybe so, but being an educator and a homeschool mom for so many years, it makes sense to me. One of the primary reasons I choose to school my children at home was the growing lack within the public education system to wait till kids were ready to begin teaching new concepts. I always said, it does no good to throw a hat against a wall, hoping it will hang there, when there are no hooks there first.

The same principle is true for our minds and our hearts. It does no good to keep throwing information at a person hoping they will be able to grasp, understand, and put it to good use, when there is no foundation for that information already in place. On the other end of the learning spectrum is the need to have something tangible to take away as a reminder. Often throughout the Old Testament, God told the children of Israel to place stones as a reminder for the “big” moments of His miracles on their behalf. Like the crossing of the Jordan River before they entered the Promised Land after wandering through the wilderness for 40 years. The priests took the Ark of the Covenant into the middle of the river, the water dammed up, and the people walked across on dry land. The heads of each tribe were instructed to pick up a stone, more like a boulder, from the middle of the river bed and pile them up on the other side. A memory jogger was put in place so they would remember to tell the stories of God’s faithfulness and deliverance to their children and their children’s children, and to themselves whenever doubt rose its ugly head and the enemies cried out against them and told them they would never succeed.

It is still important for us to have those markers and reminders. It helps us to slow down and remember and ponder and make room for what the Spirit wants to reveal. At our upcoming Ladies Strawberry Tea, I will be sharing some of what the Lord has been speaking to my heart. I am excited for all that I am learning as I prepare. I have been wondering what I could bring to give each of the ladies who attend as a reminder of God’s love for them and what the Spirit speaks to them through what I share.

While we were at the beach last night at Point Roberts, the idea hit me to choose specific things along the beach as the reminders. One idea led to another and I got more and more excited about how to present these “stones” as a memorial for each of us. I showed my kids what to look for and recruited their help. The boys went one way and Bri and I the other. As we were collecting our goodies, I was praying for each of the ladies and young women who will be there. The more I prayed and gathered, the more inspired I became, and the more excited for the 29th to arrive.

God is still in the business of surprising us with the beauty of simplicity and grace as we come before Him with our gifts of praise and our presence. He loves to pour Himself out in each of our lives, but we are often too busy, too booked, too tired, and too distracted. I so appreciate the time to slow down and BE. It makes me wonder why I resist like I do. In any account, I am grateful for the inspiration He gives and the glory He receives when we act on His inspiration!

And remember – it starts with hat racks and coat hooks and then don’t forget to add the stones piled high!