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Just posted a New Book Review over on Putting Words Together Perfectly.

In my post, More on boundaries on the 15th, I shared the story of my difficult day out with my daughter – the one where I wound up having her drop me off at Costco while I waited for my sons to bring me a car.

The conscious thinking about remaining a calming affect for my daughter, and for myself, came from the principles shared in The Prayer of Jabez. I do desire God’s blessing on my life and I do desire to share that blessing with those around me. I do want my territory, my inheritance in Christ, to be enlarged. I want the ministry the Spirit does in and through me to be lavished on others unhindered by my own doubt and fear and lack of confidence. I want to be open to hear God’s still, small voice within inviting me into His Presence. I want to be His hands and feet, His ear and His voice, here on earth – in my sphere of influence.

It was meditation on these truths that empowered me to keep my calm and be at peace as my daughter dropped me off that day. As I walked into Costco (which was absolutely chaotic and packed that day) I walked in rejoicing in God’s goodness and faithfulness in me. I walked in thinking I would just take the time to eat a salad and reflect quietly while I waited, and I again spoke my desire for God to continue to enlarge my “territory” in this situation.

Surprise! That’s just what He did as I asked to share a table with a young mom and her twin toddlers. We got to talking and she shared her heart and her struggle with being a mom to twins with no family nearby and the isolation it causes. I could relate! I so remember the early years of moving here to Washington and being so far from home and family. I remember how difficult it is to fit in anywhere because I had six young children and no sitters to relieve the stress. We shared for a bit, I invited her and her family to my church – which just so happened to be in the same town – and she headed home with words of encouragement and hope.

Then another young mom asked to join me at the table and we chatted a moment and then we were joined by her mom. Who just so happens to be a dear friend I haven’t seen for about a year and a half. We had such fun catching up and chatting and just being together. I loved meeting her daughter and grand-daughter. It was such an uplifting time for us all.

I could have joined my daughter’s irritation and become angry and out of sorts. I could have had a raging hissy-fit. I could have made many different choices and had a really bad day and blamed others and sulked and stormed around. And I would have missed the opportunities to refresh others and be refreshed by them and by the Lord.

Preparation. An open heart before the King of Kings, anticipating Him and His purposes for my life. Adventure. Joy. Hope. Love. Contentment. These are the reminders I receive from the prayer of Jabez when I apply it to my life. I am blessed. My territory is enlarged. I do see God’s hand on my life. I am kept from evil. And I do walk in victory.

Oh yeah, that last line. The one thing missing in Wilkinson’s book. Perhaps that will the topic for tomorrow’s post.