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Mt. Baker from the cliffs of Lily Park in Point Roberts.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the results from my HCG/Dr. Simeons diet protocol. Today is day #19. I have lost just under 10 pounds. I have lost a minimum of 2 inches throughout my torso. This is very exciting to me, as I have struggled with the effects of the increasingly extra weight for almost 7 years. But the most exciting aspect of this diet is the loss of inflammation, knotted muscles throughout my neck and back, and the constant pain with which I have struggled since a car accident in September 2004.

My range of movement is increasing significantly. My breathing is becoming easier. My allergy symptoms have reduced. My endurance is increasing. And the constant tiredness and fatigue is lessening. The muscles inflammation that usually happens with our constantly changing barometric pressure is simply not happening.

Now the question, right? What is bringing about the difference?

At my appointment with Kasandra (my wonderful friend and amazing massage therapist) yesterday, we were pondering that very question. She could hardly believe the difference in my back muscles as she worked on me. She was able to reach muscle groups that she has not been able to reach in the entire 7 years she has been working on me.

We will have to see if we can figure out the real catalyst for change. Could be the HCG compound. Could be the removal of a particular food. (The diet is very restricted in what can be eaten – lean meat, 3 fruit choices, and only about 15 vegetable choices – some of which I have never seen up here.) Could just be that the cleansing effect of this diet has actually reset my body and it isn’t just one particular thing.

So, my love-hate relationship with this diet continues. I am definitely loving the benefits. I definitely hate how restrictive my choices are. I love variety!

And I’m learning something about food and community and fellowship. But, more on that another time.