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A great topic for today – I am in need of a break with all the processing and demands that fill my thoughts and heart right now.

This Perfect World. Why? What do I mean by that? I have long been intrigued with the phrase “in a perfect world” and have been guilty of using it more than once. ; )

Upon reflection, I have come to the place where I have a very different definition and expectation of “perfect.” Perfect is relative, and for me it is relative to the purposes and plans of God – specifically the God Who reveals Himself as “I Am” – the ultimate statement of being trustworthy and faithful and filled with love for His creation – all of His creation.

This God does not make mistakes. It is not a mistake that we have the power of choice. It is not a mistake that we are not robots to command. It is not a mistake that we were allowed to choose (and continue choosing) the right to know both good and evil. It is not a mistake that we live in world that needs redeeming every single moment.

And it is not a mistake that this needed redemption has been provided for us.

As has our means of being perfect.

This world is perfect – even in its hurts, sorrows, and brokenness.

The challenge is in our ability to see life through the eyes and heart of the God Who created us! Only then can we see the perfection He sees and live the perfection He has provided for us – through the very life of His Son – His only begotten Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, slain before the foundations of this world.

When we knock, He promises to open the door that leads to Himself.
When we ask, He promises to reveal Himself – right where we are.
When we seek, He promises to make His Presence known to us.

And so, as I look around me, as I experience the trials and the triumphs of this life, as I remember yesterday, live in today, and ponder tomorrow with joyful anticipation, what I am experiencing is just what the title of my blog proclaims – THIS PERFECT WORLD!