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It’s August 12th.
It was 45 degrees at 5:45 this morning.
I could see that the sky was absolutely brilliant with color as I slowly convinced myself to arise.

An August morning fog rolling in...

The fog has rolled in and out and around the chill of the early day.
Did I mention how much I love fog?
Or how much I love the chill in the autumn air?



Less than half an hour later...

Yes, I know, it is not even the middle of August yet.
Yes, I know that summer is not over yet.
Yes, I know that some of you may think I am crazy.
But it is true none-the-less!
I love waking up and wrapping the covers even closer and breathing in the freshness of this cold morning air.
I love the contrast in temperatures – we should reach the mid-upper 70s this afternoon – a 30 degree difference between the low and the high. YES!


And, I especially love the deepening colors all around me. Reminders of how much my Lord speaks to the depths – the pain and the joy – of my heart. In the simple act of revealing Himself in little details He created me to love and cherish, He confirms His Presence and His love and His sustaining provision for me – personally. His intimate Presence.

Thank You, Lord!

I am in love with my Savior – the Lover of my soul!