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Chuckanut Drive

i pass under the canopy, heavily laden, shimmering light
leaves and needles, broad and narrow, long and short
deep, dark emerald, soft, bright jade, olive and pea
scattered rays of golden light, warm then cool
glimpses of blue-green seas, patterned with currents
etched with traces of whispering winds
moments, slowly take my gaze
stop and wonder
listen, remember, ask,
where is hope
where is comfort
where is rest from this turmoil
from the distance, catching my ear
coming fast, deep throttled roar
memories on this very drive
vibration underneath, arms spread wide
wind freeing wisps of hair to fly
imagination soars coupled with the warmth of his presence
is it really to be no more
sense of loss, pain of grieving
are healing and renewal possible
i come
to faith and wonder
i seek
God’s face and yet
aching, questioning, doubts linger
i plea
please don’t let me miss You
don’t let me run past and not meet You here
pull me into Your embrace, hold me
teach me to cherish my tears as You do
even as they stain Your chest
hold my gaze, reveal Your heart
may i see You faceted and beautiful
in my hurt and sorrow
my heart is Yours forever