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The trip out to DC to help my daughter and son-in-love has proven most interesting. I got a flight out of Seattle, after 18 hours of no seats on one flight after another. I’m very grateful to be here.

Today we experienced quite the earthquake – 5.9, shallow and epicenter less than 60 miles from here – can you believe it, here in Washington, DC not Washington State?! I’m grateful for no injuries and no major destruction.
Now, there’s the possibility of Hurricane Irene coming to visit us by the weekend, possibly in the middle of unpacking the truck. I’m grateful that this time it is not one of the worst snowstorms to ever hit DC (yes, truly, when the kids got married and I was helping my her move a year and a half ago).
I will be flying out of Boston either Saturday or Sunday – depending on when there’s a seat available.¬†Considering the trip out, the shaking and rattling of the earthquake, Irene’s visit up the eastern coastline, and the start of classes on Monday, I’m just a tad uncertain about how the conclusion of this adventure will unfold. I very much appreciate your prayers for peace and my ability to recognize His provision in the midst of uncertainty.
Including the uncertainty and the sorrow that came this evening upon hearing that my husband has filed the paperwork for divorce. I don’t want to deny or numb my pain or my sorrow, neither do I want to glorify it. Pray that I will have eyes that are open and ready to see the Presence of God in the midst of the messiness and the fear and the hurt.
Waiting and wondering.