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We did something tonight I haven’t done in very many years. We have lived here in northwest Washington for 15 years and I have talked about buying the necessary equipment to do this fun activity every year we’ve lived here. I have shopped, looked, longed for, and wished for the justification to buy one, but have only seen them new. Definitely out of my budget reach while raising six kids by myself 3000 miles from the nearest family. Even though our needs have always been met, and there have been many wants met, too, along the way, this was a purchase I could just never quite justify to myself.

Until this week, when I was out with a dear friend running errands and squeezing in a little time to check out a new thrift store in town. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was, still in it’s original box, all the parts, even the user’s manual with directions and recipes! And I was thrilled when I discovered the price – definitely in the realm of just doing it!

My kids have heard so many stories of how my cousins and I would line up and take turns to crank the handle as long as we could hold out, mouths watering in anticipation of the fresh, cold, yummy, tasty ice cream that would soon be frozen enough to eat. I remember so many family gatherings that included homemade ice cream – several families bringing the fixings for their own family favorite flavor! Peach. Strawberry. Vanilla.

Tonight, the boys and I inaugurated our new “old fashioned” ice cream maker and made mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oh so yummy!

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures…