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My heart is alight with anticipation, uncertain of what the days ahead will reveal and yet so very certain of the One Who loves to reveal Himself in the unfolding of my days. 

This first day of the new year began with words of prophecy being spoken over me, words which confirmed the Presence of the Lord in the midst of my doubts and my insecurities. It was as if the person speaking had been walking with me throughout my home the past 2 weeks listening in on my silent conversations with myself and with God as I struggled with the all the changes in my life and in my family in the face of multiple transitions and heartbreaks, especially over the past three years.

Once again my Abba Father reminded me that He is the One Who sees me for who He created me to be and accepts me and loves me just the way I am. His promises are true even when I fail; He is faithful even when I am faith-less.

I am His. 

And that makes all the difference in how I experience life. I am continually being invited to spend every moment in His Presence, for by the blood of Christ and His completed redeeming sacrifice, I am found IN Him by no merit of my own, no work of my own doing.

Amazing grace!

I hope you, too, know the wonder of walking in His grace and being renewed by His fresh revelations morning by morning. God loves you so very much; He desires your fellowship. He has provided everything needed for you to sit with Him in the heavenlies and live life as He designed it to be lived.

Blessings to you, my friend, as you venture into this new year. I would love to hear from you about your adventures along the way.