Yep, not just Snow Day, but Snow Week. No classes. Appointments cancelled. Mostly housebound. Time, filled with images that have created memories.

There are digital images…

Nathan is suited up for the long journey!

Matthew braves the wind and frigid temps to collect the wind data.

JonMarc joins Matthew as they brave the elements.

Cabin fever and distractions send me to "the office" while Matthew goes for a check up on his injured hand.

Pictorial memories of the week – my two oldest sons and a few friends decided to trek through the snow about 5 miles to a friend’s house – north and uphill – translated… more snow and more adventure! Nathan accepted the challenge to don the raccoon hat and goggles. Fortunately, the first few days graced us with blankets of snow with nothing more than an occasional gentle breeze.

Then true winter arrived in the form of our ritual Nor’easter. The boys gave me a weather station for Christmas, but only part of it had been installed. The winds hit without being able to measure them, so out goes Matthew to install the wind gauge and JonMarc went to help. So we were able to witness the data, 20+mph sustained and 35+mph gusts which gave us windchill temps that stayed around -15° for about 36 hours. BRRRRR!!!

I love my boys and I love having them around, but there comes a time when a mama needs some peace and quiet. So I hitched a ride into my “other office” so I could concentrate. Thank you, Woods Coffee!

Visual records to trigger wonderful memories of a special week in the lives of the residents (actual and honorary) of the Funny Farm.

And there are mental images…
which can only be transmitted through words and gestures and emotions.

I offered the guys a ride home from their trek and they took me up on it. So, out I went in the snow to “find” them. It may have been bitter cold out, but my heart was warmed when I saw my boys tromping along the road watching for my arrival to whisk them home. They didn’t really need me to do it, but they were thankful for the respite from their journeying. My house was once again filled with laughter, howls of boys being boys, and great memory makers. We have shared many meals together this week, more than usual, and I am reminded these days will all too soon come to an end.

And then there are the love images…
…those images that are imprinted on my heart and embedded in my spirit. Images of my kids laughing hysterically, the faces of friendship and camaraderie, the conversations that have spurred thought and commitment to one another and to the Lord. These are the images that remind me of their growth, our growth, of uncertainty that leads to exploration into the deeper truths of life and faith and hope.

Change is inevitable. Our memories are what help guide the direction and responses we will choose as obstacles and crossroads arise. Images, wherever they are stored, help us access these memories and the emotions attached.

The real question then is this, Are we invested in being present to how we store these things up in our hearts, just as Mary did with her precious Son, Jesus?