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Finally, a moment to complete what I began yesterday.

When I woke up yesterday morning to witness the beautiful light blanket of snow outside my window, I decided to capture the moment to send home to my kids. Being not fully awake, I left the flash feature on, and the “Distorted” photo was the result. The image is the screen (I did think to open the window) that stood between me and the snow-laden rhododendron.


I laughed at myself when I looked at the picture I captured, and remembered this week’s challenge. Perfect. It represents so very much in my mind, about my life. What my eyes were able to register and interpret was not the same as the camera in my phone. There were simply too many limitations.

How like life itself. Perspective changes everything. This photo represents how my earthly eyes see, or better stated don’t see what my spiritual eyes do. When I focus on the “realities” of this life, my view is distorted, disoriented, and often overwhelmed with the “flash” of pain and suffering and unfairness that abounds.


When I realized the flash and the screen created too much of a diversion for the camera lens, I moved over to just the glass and turned off the flash. But again, the camera just couldn’t capture what my eyes could see. It did however, pick up a bit more detail… it is evident there is contrast, the white snow, on the leaves and in the background, but definitely not the detail that I could see with my own eyes. And then, just a few minutes later, there was enough natural light to allow the camera to more clearly register and interpret what I could already see.


As I am focused on the very Presence, promises, truths, and intimacy I have with my Heavenly Father, I see the beauty of the big picture. I don’t get stuck on the screen, blinded by the flash, or limited by the lack of true light. I am able to know His pleasure in my presence before Him.

I hope you got that… His pleasure in my presence. Yes, God desires for us to realize the pleasure He receives when we are present with Him. So much so that He sings over us with joy! If you don’t believe me, check out Zephaniah 3:17…

The Lord your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

Even in the midst of our pain. I can attest to the truth of this promise, right now, at this very time in my life. He is present in my pain, in my sorrow, in my loss, in my fears, in my uncertainties, in my doubts! Nothing in me is too big or too awful that His love cannot cover and redeem.

Have you ever allowed Him to quiet you by His love? To know He rejoices over you with gladness? To hear how He loudly sings over you in His exultation? If not, He is waiting right now to “clear your vision” so that you can see Him as He desires to be seen. No screens. No bright flashes. No lack of true light.

Blessings, my friend!