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Beloved, prayer is not finished—it is not “completed prayer”—until it sees you through to the other side of your trial. We have not “prayed it through” until we have “lived it through” our trials by the strength we received in God’s presence.

(Quote from David Wilkerson’s Daily Devotions from March 28, 2012)

When I read these words yesterday, I felt like the light had just grown a bit brighter, as if a new understanding was dawning in my heart. Prayer is one aspect of living my faith that continues to intrigue me and to call me to come higher and move in deeper. I have spent much time studying, digging into God’s Word, practicing, teaching, writing, and asking God for greater insight. Another statement in yesterday’s devotion also stuck with me:

Many Christians see only half-answered prayers because they do not allow what they received from the Lord in prayer to carry them through their trial.

One thing that can be said about prayer is that prayer is a means of equipping us to carry out God’s instructions to us. It is through prayer that we continually receive the power and presence of God. Jesus instructed His disciples to pray, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” How does that happen?

How often have you heard God speak to you in your prayer time, but then you go out to face the “realities” of your life and lose sight of what God has spoken? I know that very thing has happened to me so often. I think of all that He has revealed to me about The ART of Excellence and the many ways it can be applied to help us grow in intimacy with the Lord and effectiveness in our lives. I get so excited as the Lord reveals new ideas and new applications in my time with Him. And then, I am faced with obstacles of all sorts – a sullen, angry child who grumbles and complains when asked to the simplest of tasks, an oven that just quits working out of the blue, bills that can’t be paid, broken relationships, deadlines, yard work, and fences that are broken down because foolish people drink and drive and lose control. And I begin to lose my focus and forget what I heard God speak. I doubt I heard right. I listen to the fear and uncertainty. I stop short. I lose heart. I fail to carry out what God revealed.

Please, I hope you don’t hear condemnation in these words. For that is not where I’m going or what I feel or what God speaks over us. What you hear is merely a confession. Repentance. Wonder at how easily I forget that I am the daughter of the Most High God. That I have all the riches of His Kingdom and His provision at my disposal.

I am a child of God coming home to my Father and receiving His lavish love, even when I have squandered everything and forgotten who I am and lost it all. Receiving His lavish love… He is covering me with a royal robe… He is placing a ring on my finger… He is celebrating over me with rejoicing!

I am His daughter. I desire to remember the words He has spoken over me. I long to live out all that He has rendered in my life. I am grateful for His faithfulness and His promise to always be with me and to complete the work He began in my life. Daily I am learning the power of fully praying through to completion and not stopping short. I want to be a part of His will being done on earth, right here, right now, just as it is already done in Heaven!

Is this true for you, too? Can I lift you up in prayer today? Sometimes, we just need a little reminder from our sisters and brothers to help us remember!