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Living by intuition can be an amazing journey. The downside, however, is just how hit and miss the resulting consequences can be. And the confusion that can ensue. Especially for one who has become well-trained in not being aware of one’s self.

Hi, my name is Lauree. I’ve lived for over five decades and managed to remain almost completely unaware of my self and mostly unable to identify my impact on others – for better or for worse. That is until just recently. I invite you to join me on a journey of exploration and discovery. Who knows, but that just perhaps, you might catch a glimpse of yourself staring back at you in the reflection. Welcome to The Journey.

Even as babies, elephants take up a bunch of room!

Have you ever heard anyone (perhaps yourself) talk about ignoring the white elephant in the room? (If this phrase is unfamiliar to you, click here for an explanation.) I must confess, I can relate. As I look back on my life, there have been far too many times that, in fact, I have totally missed the full-grown, gi-norm-ous elephants standing right in front of my face — or living right inside my skin. But how do I deal with them now that I am becoming aware they’re standing there?

I’m reminded of story after story of Jesus’ interactions with the children of Israel and their neighbors as told throughout the Gospels. Sometimes He met the current day Elephants head on. Like confronting the Pharisees and calling them whitewashed tombs (Matthew 23) – now that is naming the Elephant for exactly what it is! And sometimes, He was much more subtle and used parables to invite others to consider the Elephant living within. Like the series of “The Lost” parables (Luke 15) where Jesus is inviting His followers to recognize their value in the eyes of His Father, their Father who loved them without measure. There is not just one “right” way to address an Elephant.

Elephant #1 for me… the role of narcissism in creating the person I am today… specifically, I will begin with the role my father had in shaping my experience of relationships and the lack of relationship with my self. (If you are unfamiliar with what narcissism is, click here for a broad overview.)

Please remember, this is not an exercise of blame or fault-finding or casting judgment. It is simply coming to terms with my own reality and using that understanding to examine my current choices and how they impact who I am in light of who I desire to be. It is about awareness, about acceptance, about desire, and about surrender to the only One Who can truly pour out unconditional, ever-flowing, perfect LOVE. And, how that LOVE can radically change a living being!

I invite you to come with me as I explore the Elephants in my life (at least the ones that I know about). I would love your feedback, your observations about the intersections between my story and yourself, and any questions you might have. Let’s Journey together!