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You will lift me up as on eagle’s wings!   (via Godvine)

God, I want to thank You
for the freedom to worship You. ♥

Not because I am an American, but because YOU first loved me and adopted me into YOUR family/community – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Thank You that my freedom is never dependent upon outward circumstances, nationality, ethnicity, economic status, gender, or religious affiliation – FREEDOM is solely dependent on recognizing who I am in YOU!

While I am grateful to have been born here and to know the privileges I have because of it, I recognize that being an American bestows a double measure of responsibility to others to share the blessings that have been and continue to be poured out on me – as a follower of Christ and as an American.

I hope each of us who claim the Name of Jesus will take time today to consider how He would have us share true freedom with those around us who still struggle with bondage and oppression in any form – whether by birth or by choice.

May your interdependence in the Body of Christ grow exponentially as you consider your position in HIM! YOU are loved without measure or end!!!

And to those of you who are Americans, Happy 4th of July! Celebrate well and thoughtfully!