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‎”Marvel at the wonder of communing with the Creator of the universe while sitting in the comfort of your home.” – Jesus Calling

A dear friend of mine posted this quote on her Facebook status this morning. It resonated with a few of my own experiences in the recent past. I have been caught by surprise a few times while I was doing the mundane work of a mom, the only female in my house, and the head of this household. I suddenly discovered that in the midst of doing the simple tasks of cleaning and preparing meals, that I was actually standing on holy ground, filled with the awareness of the sacredness of God’s anointing as I do the simplest of tasks. It brings tears of rejoicing and wonder even as I choose to remember.

The invitation that I have been hearing for the past couple of years continues on from there to marvel at the wonder of communing with the Creator of the universe while sitting in the presence of another – yes, even the least of these.

Pondering this possibility has brought home for me the importance of “retreating to the garden to pray” just like Jesus did. It is only as I take the time to truly commune with my Papa that I am filled with His love to overflowing so that I can offer a purified love to others.

Knowing is one thing. Truth is, I am still working on letting go of my expectations and wants and fears so that there is room in me and through me for Jesus to shine through my imperfect offering.

I am so very grateful that His grace is sufficient – not just sufficient, but abundantly poured out in full measure – to be perfected in my imperfection.

Thank You, Jesus, for being fully God and fully human, and fully present in Your Body!