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Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing

This “thing” is one that I wish could be invented for real, not just in fiction.

I read and enjoyed the whole Harry Potter series. Rowling’s imagination connected with the reality of the human experience kept me engrossed as I read each book. And I loved how her writing skill improved with each book in the series.

As happens to be my lot in life, I am not a detail person. I do not have recall for every little detail in a story – in fact, what I retain is the big picture, the emotions, the interactions between people, but rarely do I retain detailed information.

But, there is one item, one detail of Rowling’s imagination, that is lodged deep in my memory because I desire it to be real. That one thing is Dumbledore’s memory-sifter bowl (see what I mean, I’m sure that is not what it is actually called – merely a descriptive name).

Pretty much every minute of every day, there are multiple streams of thought running through my mind. Mostly, they have seemed to have little if any connection to one another – random ideas and schemes and thoughts and feelings and memories, all vying for attention and understanding.

I choose the verb tense “have seemed” on purpose. As I am getting older and gaining life experience, I am beginning to see that all this formerly believed randomness actually does have connections and coherence that is becoming clearer and clearer to me.

Imagine my surprise to make this discovery!

I can fully imagine how much easier it would be to make these discoveries if, like Dumbledore, I had a way to take them out of my head and place them in a bowl where I could see them side by side, interacting and intersecting and displaying patterns of their connectivity. I am giddy with the possibility.

But for now, I am choosing to become more focused on living into the connections I have already discovered. I am embracing the fullness of my own humanity,  the relationships with which I have been graced, and the nearness of others, and of God in others, as I live in community well and allow love to flourish.

Perhaps, the innovation I truly desire is the patience (and tenacity) to simply live fully in the moment at hand – and trust that each moment will reveal the next step as it is supposed to be taken.  And trust that the understanding and revelation of meaning will come, exactly as and when it is meant to come.