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Pain is a difficult friend ~ especially when it rears its ugly head in reaction to a time of joy and family connection. Since this is right where I am today, I desire to BE where I am ~ to stay at the table, as it were ~ and to discover the beauty and intimacy that exists in my relationship with my own personal experience of life in this world ~ this perfect world.

What am I saying when I use the word “perfect” – in this context especially? This is how I define perfect: being in alignment with the original, designed purpose, which means there is no one standard to measure perfection. Each and every one of us is unique, distinct from all others, set apart from any canned expectation devised by man.

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So, what does this mean in practical terms?

Experiencing perfection is not about striving and pushing myself to DO more, make more, please someone else, or fulfill some arbitrary expectation imposed on me (put there by myself or anyone else), rather, experiencing perfection is all about coming into intimate relationship with my true self, with God, and with the world around me.

It IS a journey, ever proceeding, not a single destination. I have found many (or mini) destination points, points of Light, along the way ~ moments of clarity, realization, even revelation along the way. These points of Light sometimes come through a person who opens my understanding to something that has previously been clouded and out my reach. Sometimes it comes in the form of an event or circumstance that helps to change my perspective, to remind me of who I truly am. Sometimes it comes through having my breath taken with simple beauty ~ like an electric shock to my heart, calling me back to LIFE — to breathe in and live, more fully aware.

One thing all these points of Light have in common is this: they bring me to a deep sense of GRATITUDE ~ of a pause that opens the door for me to express true thankfulness for what I have been given. It is this deep sense of gratitude that empowers me to understand and embrace my true self and my purpose ~to enter into and enjoy genuine fellowship with my Creator and all creation. Here, I am at peace with who I am, where I am, recognizing that those around me have the same freedom and honoring their choices and uniquenesses.

BEing in such a space of acceptance and surrender to perfection as it already exists changes my experience of my self and of the world. I see the world differently. I read the world differently. I understand the world differently. All because the basis of it all is goodness ~ the essence, the mark, of our Creator.

This is wisdom – receiving the underlying reality of goodness – the revelation of God IN each face, each joy, each challenge, each interaction, each perception. The question ever before me is simple, will I see and experience God’s GLORY ~ everywhere???

I am aware of how much I have yet to learn. And even so, I choose to LIVE right here, right now ~ to truly live WHO I am as I know my self NOW ~ and trust that the next point of Light will come only as I am living into the Light I have NOW!

Perfect!!! THIS perfect world!