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March will soon come to an end. I find endings and beginnings to be important times to slow down and reflect and consider where I am and what I’m thinking about what has come to be and what is yet to be.

This year… this last Sunday of March… it is Palm Sunday. Today many in the Christian tradition mark and celebrate the day of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The congregation I attend currently does not follow the traditional church calendar and I find myself sometimes losing sight of and touch with some of the traditions I have held dear to me in previous church experiences. So this morning as I was looking over my schedule for the coming weeks, I was a bit caught off guard – I had not realized we were entering Holy Week today.

Lining the road

And so, I found myself reflecting on the question: What is the significance and the message of that very specific experience in Jesus’ life?
(This entry into reflection is actually the purpose behind my pastor’s decision to suspend many traditions in our services – wanting us as a Body and as individuals to begin to honestly explore the purposes and motivations behind celebrating the traditions.)

I ventured beyond my first question with a desire to bring it home and make it personal: How do I participate in this ongoing experience today?
I’ll share my meditation/prayer with you…

Ruach, One who IS the very Breath of God, wake me up ~ open my understanding ~ show me my self, my very own particular, unique, on-going expression of what it means to enter into the acclaim of popular vote with humility, as Jesus did, on the back of donkey, not on a royal steed. Humility ~ knowing full well the power and majesty of both my relationship to divinity and to humanity ~ choosing to remain fully committed to my connection with both and to the unity and wholeness offered to me, because Jesus did and proclaims that wholeness over me now.

In this humility, I long to see through the eyes of Papa’s love and desire for all His children, to feel and be present with all around me, just as You are, and to hold onto loyalty and identity with my brothers and sisters as a sacred and honorable calling.

I hear and experience Jesus’ words of longing over Jerusalem… Oh, how I long to gather you to me, like a mother hen gathers in her chicks to protect and provide and love!

I, too, long to bring life every where my feet touch because I receive LIFE in YOU!!!

May my life reflect the expression of Your love, Holy Trinity, just as Jesus did in that proclamation and entry into His own impending death 2000 years ago.
Oh, to see with eyes of truth, feel with a heart of deep longing for the awakening and freedom of Your loved ones, to mark the way in humility and grace and purpose so much greater than surrendering to either popularity or deadening apathy.

Draw US into Your grace and into Your eternal expression of LOVE ~ the way, the truth, the life ~ the eternal Christ…
in this body… my body
in this Body… in fellowship with others
in this BODY… connected through the eternal Christ
It is enough! You are enough! We are enough!

Following the way

Along the way

I am aware of how often I desire the triumphal entry without regard for the death to my own ego and my limited vision of our mutual connection that must accompany my triumph if it is to be an offering of peace and reconciliation.

I am increasingly aware that it is not my dying to the physical realm that could ever offer hope to anyone else. It is only my willingness to release my limited ability to see eternity, to experience heaven right here and right now, which is available to the degree I am IN the eternal Christ.

ONE WITH… one with Christ translates to one with all – for Christ is in all, with all, through all. ALL. Despite all our differences, we have far more in common than we have not in common that we suppose separates us from one another.

Let us do more than celebrate one day of triumphal entry that is ancient history ~ let’s recognize our unity as we choose our own dying to ego and separation from one another. Let’s choose to BE FOR one another, just as Holy Trinity is FOR US!!!