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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. How wonderful that it would be today that I’m moved to share my thoughts. There is so much that is new in my life ~ stories for another time. For now, I share the thoughts recorded in my Morning Pages early this morning. I hope you’re as blessed as I was as my heart was stirred to remember and reflect on that morning so very long ago. It was written as I was in conversation with Jesus, and I’ve chosen to share it with you just as I wrote it…

It’s Resurrection Sunday and I am quite aware of the darkness of soul that accompanied the disciples’ awakening that morning so long ago ~ the ache in their hearts over the loss of connection with You, the loss of hope and their dreams of reigning in victory with You. Mostly, I imagine they simply felt lost, unsure of everything, unsure of their sense of reality and their ability to trust their own instincts and hearts. If their faith in You, Jesus, proved unfounded, how could they trust anything or anyone ever again?

That reaction would be absolutely normal. How, at that point, could they have reacted in any other way?

Even though they had heard Your words spoken to them about all that was to come, they had no basis, no experience to use as a means of interpreting what You meant. AND… they needed to be pulled through the refining fire so their faith could be purified ~ rid of the old, dead ways of only a limited, impersonal way of knowing and understanding God. They needed room in their hearts, minds, and spirits to receive the fullness of all that was about to come … to be unveiled just as the Holy of Holies had been unveiled only two days previous.

They needed to grieve and mourn the loss of what they had always known. They needed to enter the darkness of those nights without You, the loss, and the grieving, in order to be able to enter into the joy that was awaiting them on that Resurrection morning!!!

Passover was over.
The Sabbath completed.
The grieving was about to come to an end.

A new life and a new hope had arisen and was awaiting each one’s discovery of their own personal experience of allowing faith to be reborn in their hearts ~ to enter into a faith able to proclaim … JESUS IS RISEN!!! He is risen indeed!!!

Life is now possible in a completely different dimension… the Kingdom of God ~ unveiled right here, right now ~ on earth as it is in heaven! The Kingdom is IN us! YES, IN US!!! We have been honored with the charge to bring it forth, to bear it as in childbirth … to give birth to the reality of heaven on earth with every breath we take!

So be it! Here I am ~ pregnant with LIFE ~ ready to bear the fruit of LIFE in every encounter, every circumstance, every place I still feel the darkness and the grieving and an overwhelming sense of loss. I choose faith! I choose YOU, Lord!!!

I needed to remember and will need to be reminded over and over again. I need the community of Christ’s Body here on earth. I need you! Let’s bring forth the fruit of the Body together ~ LIFE!!! For, JESUS IS RISEN!!!