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It has been awhile since I’ve taken the time to share my thoughts and my writing here. Life has been full to overflowing for me this past year and a half. There is much new in my life. I have married the man of my dreams, which has me in the process of relocating to southeastern British Columbia and becoming part of a new, beautiful family and community. Over the past month Jimmy and I have had the privilege of hosting treasured family and friends in our home here in the Kootenays and introducing our families to one another.


Today, with the encouragement of  my husband, I am ready to share with you again. I hope my morning ponderings offer you encouragement, hope, and love…

Settling. Accepting the truth ~ I  belong here… in this place and in that place… at this time… I AM right where I belong!

Sometimes… it just hits me out of the blue and fills my heart with surprise, gratitude, and peace. When I see my ‘different’ worlds cross paths and come together my whole being fills with a deep sense of well-being, confirming Your purpose is being fulfilled in my life, in our life together. Thank You, Abba, for the little, personal, intimate confirmations You offer to ground me in the midst of the storm. Thank You for both the sight AND the insight You have given me!

I ask for continued, increasing wisdom to live my life fully connected into Holy Trinity. Abba, Papi ~ pour out Your love and goodness in increasing measure to me that I may turn and let it pour out through me into others’ lives. Ruach, Mami ~ fill me to overflowing with Your encouragement and grace and living truth shedding light and hope everywhere You lead me. Yeshua, Brother ~ stand with me, hold me up when I stumble, lift me up when I fall. Open the gates to Your Kingdom and reveal Yourself through me ~ the One Who overcame, Who overcomes, Who will always overcome! Lead many captives in procession through Your gates to realize the freedom, joy, and LIFE You have already won on our behalf!

Come, Holy Trinity! Come and reveal Your character, nature, and ways to, in, and through Your children, Your Bride, Your Body! Show the world just how much each one of us BELONGS IN YOU, all together as one body, one family, one LOVE! Come!

I see the revelation of how in the very beginning, when You were moved by Your love to create human beings in Your own image, because of Your great LOVE, chose to break Your very own heart into a bajillion pieces and through the ages a single piece of Your heart was placed into each person as he or she was conceived.

This is the basis of sending Your Son, the eternal Christ, in the person of the One we know as Christ Jesus, Yeshua, into our midst that WE might be reconciled to one another and all together offer Your heart back to YOU ~ whole, in one piece, mended and beating together in the rhythm of Your LOVE. For it is only as we live reconciled to one another that we can truly see YOU in full as You ARE!

Continue to break my heart over my own selfish, stubborn, broken tendency to still find ‘reason’ to separate myself from those with whom I experience conflict. Empower me to choose peacemaking ~ seeking reconciliation at ALL times! Empower me to always put the mending of Your heart through our unity as my highest priority IN every circumstance and trial and troubling time. JUST LIKE YESHUA DID! Only doing what I see You doing and speaking what I hear You speaking! Open my eyes to see You and my ears to hear You! Holy Spirit, come and seal the mending of Abba’s heart with the highlighting of every repaired fracture in Your gold!

Thank You that in Jesus the answer to my prayer is already YES!!! And so, I say and live out the AMEN! SO BE IT!!!


May we, each and every one of us, seek the reconciliation already secured for us in the life and work of Yeshua, Jesus the Christ, our LIVING redeemer!

Dancing in the Reign,