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Sometimes I am challenged about my perspective on the name of my blog… This Perfect World. Do I believe this world to be perfect? Well… yes, and yes. AND… I also know there has been a marring and that distortion continues to happen; therefore is much that is yet to be known and practiced to become the perfection life was designed to be.

Storms over the mountain valley

Storms over the mountain valley

Choice is part of what makes this world perfect and it is a huge part of what creates the marring and the pain and the hardships we experience. Separation ~ from the Creator, from one another, and from ourselves ~ is a constant threat and common reality in our lives. The storms come and how we weather them depends on our perspectives and our faith in the goodness of God. I believe, based on my own life experiences, that is only IN the storms of life that we able to truly grow in unity.

So, as hard as they are to move into… I am grateful for the storms and who I am becoming in the midst of them!

Thank You, Lord, for healing and restoration in the storm! Thank You for limitless depths of intimacy just waiting for our increased levels of surrender to You, to one another, to the process of growth. Thank You for the continued revelation into Your heart — Your character, nature, and ways — for the understanding you have offered about the partial lies that exist in the theology of Your omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence. Yes, You have the ability, the means, to know all things, to exert Your power and control over all things, and to be everywhere all the time ~ BUT… You chose before the foundation of the world, You choose today, in this moment, You will continue to choose throughout the ages, to limit Yourself ~ Your knowing, Your power, and Your presence ~ to honor and wait for our yielding to and invitation for You to enter into our lives. What an amazing gift of grace You have chosen and offered to us!!!

You never intrude. You woo us. You dazzle us with Your pure beauty. You pursue us with Your unconditional, unfailing love. You sing over us. You hide us in the shadow of Your wing. You protect our true selves. You invite us back into relationship and LIFE every moment of our lives. And then, You wait!

You wait before we wait. You show us how to wait ~ to wait for You, to wait for one another, to wait for the unhindered revealing of Your Kingdom here and now… and forever!

I need Your grace to WAIT in faith ~ just like You do! NO CONTEMPT!

Even though I am slow in learning it, thank You for showing me the meaning of the saying, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’ I have wrestled with and never understood this saying until Your revelation a few days ago. (I don’t know why I didn’t get it – perhaps You will show me that, too, someday.) Please, empower me to continue to cultivate CURIOSITY ~ to never turn to the assumptions that are created through getting stuck in familiarity ~ thinking I already know the answers to anything… how someone will respond to any given situation or challenge; how You will BE or ACT… ever! WHO You are or who another human being is or isn’t. NO ASSUMPTIONS ~ always operating in and offering curiosity, NOT familiarity.

Come on, Jesus! Increase better and better questions and desires to know intimately – not just on the surface, not just superficially. In me. In Your Bride.


May you experience a deepening curiosity, an unwillingness to settle on familiarity, a desire for new levels of intimacy in your life today and all the days of your life! In this perfect world ~ under the shadow of the Rock!