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We have had the privilege of having my Mama visit with us for the past 3 weeks and today she heads back home to Atlanta (you can read that with a very heavy heart ~ I miss her already!).


It has certainly been a whirlwind with sightseeing, visiting the Kids (or grandkids for Mama), meeting the new extended family (she has been donned the name, GranLali, for the grands here in the Kootenays), meeting our friends here, and doing the daily tasks life requires. It has been good for Mama to see where I am, with whom I have created connections, and that I am really doing okay so far from “home” ~ here in my new home. And it has been equally good for me to be able to see my new home through her eyes and to be reminded that physical distance does not equal disconnection. We still need one another ~ very much so!


August is fast coming to a close ~ which means a whole new season of changes is on its way. No room for complacency here ~ as it should be! Life is meant to be lived full-out, fully present, alert and ready for each new adventure — all cylinders firing!

Our full attention is needed each and every moment.

The sheer genius of it all is the fact that this reality looks and feels so very different for each and every person! There are so many factors to how each person experiences the beauty, wonder, and adventure of this life… personality traits, culture, environment, family dynamics, histories, events, traumas, schooling, peers, siblings, parents, extended family members, health, economic situations, systems of belief… so very manyfactors! All these factors have an influence to create one’s perspectives and expectations, which in turn greatly influences how we each will experience and interpret the very same event or situation.

What we believe matters ~ in all aspects of life!

What we believe about God affects what we believe about ourselves and others, and therefore how we interpret everything that we observe in life and experience for ourselves.

Those who believe God does not exist or simply chooses to not involve Him/Herself in this world or their lives personally, most often act out of a mind frame of only what can be felt, seen, heard, or observed has any significance… there is no great purpose or design in life – and  no overarching meaning. If life just happened, then it will always just happen.

Those who see God as judgmental and rigid, perhaps even cruel, find ways to interpret all life events and relationships from that very lens… life is cruel, just waiting for one to slip up so God can render judgment and punishment. Life is hard then you die.

Those who put God in a box defined by their own standards of what God should be like judge everything and everyone according to that same standard. They act out their own judgments by their standards and expect that everyone else should come into alignment with those standards. Their own worlds are as small as their boxes and their belief about God is wrapped up and tied with a bow of their own making.

Those who believe that God is goodness and light and life ~ and that all human beings are created in God’s image ~ realize they cannot even truly define what those attributes mean… therefore, life is one big wondrous adventure that inspires openness and curiosity and a deep willingness to continuously suspend our own right to judge, thus releasing the need to devise our own standard of determining the meaning of it all through our own feeble means of logic and base intellect.

When we suspend judgment, distorted logic, and the need for certainty, we are free to live life with wonder and a sustained sense of awe ~ waiting with excited anticipation for God’s next Self revelation of His/Her very own character, nature, and ways!!!

Freedom is then the basis of everything!

Wonder guides us and life is an adventure to be discovered and explored ~ IN the presence and security of surrender to God’s goodness and love for each and every one of us! Come on!!!

I want to live like that! Giving all I have and am back to the One who is absolutely trustworthy!!! DAYENU!!! Such a life is enough… and more!!!

How about you? How do you experience life and define meaning in your life? I would be honored and excited to hear from you!