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I wrote this yesterday, but was unable to publish it. Still my plea today…

Election Day, 2016. The most divisive and disheartening choices for President I think America has ever faced. We are a nation divided and ugly about it. Many are expressing hopelessness.

BUT GOD!!! You are still God. You are still good. You are still love. You are still gracious and kind and full of glory! And.. YOU are still my King, my Sovereign, and the One Who holds my life securely in the palm of Your hand!

This nation has now been set up for what could be one of the greatest miracles in history ~ healing, restoration, peace, and unity on a grand scale! This nation is at least as divided and drawn into corners filled with hatred for the other as we were leading up to and during the Civil War.

Will we, as a nation, as a people, choose to lay down the forcefulness of our attacks against one another, turn to see how far we have fallen into this pit, and choose instead the path of restoration?

O God, pour out Holy Spirit renewal! Pour out Your gift of repentance! Draw us into Life, displaying Your glory to a waiting world! Quicken our hearts and tongues to see and testify to Your miraculous healing! Soften the heart of America to see how far she has fallen and to wake up to our need to turn and face You and repent of our arrogance, our superiority, our manipulative, self serving interference all over the globe. Awaken in us Your heart for redemption and peace and kindness and love and UNITY! 

May we collectively bow our knee to Your majesty and glory and participate in ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven ~ right here and right now! That is truly an earthly impossibility ~ grounds for You to show up in a most miraculous turning of hearts ever! COME!

May the Spirit of Christ show us all, especially those who call ourselves by the Name of Christ (Christ-ians), how we have so easily abandoned our true selves, participated in the continued marring of Your image in us, and broken God’s heart as we have chosen to engage in hatred and slander and speaking evil of our brothers and sisters.

May the Lord forgive us and restore us to the unity the Trinity ~ Jesus our Brother, Spirit ourMother, God our Father ~ paid such a high price to give us! Nothing is worth losing intimacy with Holy Trinity – ever!!!

Come and reign in us and pour out Your Spirit to restore us to the Family!!!

Be glorified in me – in us – ALL of us!!!


Whatever your faith tradition, your grounding reality, your sense of goodness in this world ~ seek to understand LIFE, to know LOVE, to act in WISDOM!!!

A new day

A new day